MyContainer is a fully automated hybrid platform (low set-up time & cost) that utilizes the world’s abundance of shipping containers as a mobile, ready structure to convert for the generation of alternative energy sources. This is achieved through modular integration of five technologies:

MyContainer è una piattaforma ibrida completamente automatizzata (bassi tempi e costi di installazione) che utilizza l’abbondanza mondiale di container di spedizione come struttura mobile e pronta per la conversione per la generazione di fonti energetiche alternative. Ciò si ottiene attraverso l’integrazione modulare di cinque tecnologie:

Combo configuratore +:

Attraverso la nostra app puoi configurare il MyCon2020 cosi come meglio credi per le tue esigenze aziendali o private

Puoi decidere di inserire le tecnologie che più ritieni opportune ed ottenere il MYCONTAINER cosi come lo preferisci, il nostro ufficio commerciale è a tua disposizione per ogni chiarimento: wazzap e tel.

Edge-Cloud Mixed Computing Improvement Device ( ECMID ) Cloud technology is rapidly revolutionizing the common ways to interact with remote systems.Being the trucks equipped with sensors and Internet interfaces, the collection of data and parameters are possible and useful for a fine-tuning of algorithms (e.g. Maximum Power Point Tracking, MPPT) and to evaluate the diagnostic and lifetime of every part of the system in order to provide ad-hoc preventive maintenance.

Monitoring system in Cloud service 

In addition, central server could interface directly with meteorology departments ensuring remote safe procedures and the security of systems and even operators.

Solar System Grid ( SSG ) During the course of the day, because of the simple displacement of the angle of inclination of the solar rays, the amount of light that strikes the solar panels is highly variable.The presence of physical elements higher than the panels (eg. Wind towers) within the installation field, also due to the location, could greatly reduce the efficiency of the system as a whole.

Kalman System 

Using automatic control techniques as Kalman filter or Observer, electronics inside the trucks will identify faults on solar panel production, reducing the time of reduced efficiency and optimizing the overall performance.

Combo Grid 

Our Device can be designed and combined by different technologies to add up into the Container frame.
 Geo location characteristic will drive the engineers to set up appropriate techs and power to the necessity of the clients!