Agritek model 

Il modello agricolo è stato pensato per soddisfare le esigenze di una moderna Azienda Agricola che necessita potenza energetica a tute le ore e per svariati segmenti interni. Il MYCON2020 è di colere verde e ha il logo in Arancio.

Blu model 

Questo modello rappresenta lo standard con le tecnologie in dotazione. Esso ha la possibilit√† di usare il sistema COMBO per disegnare il MYCON 2020 come meglio si crede ed in base alle esigenze di potenza e tecnologie da impiegare. 

Our production Unit 

200 Blu workers 
30 Skilled managers 
10 Specialist 

We selected an industrial area build our Device !!!
Our mechanic expert together with electronic design team working side by side to generate our futuristic vision!

Mission to deliver first unit in 2021 

Think the best design and functions combined together

The all-in-one simulation approach yields useful information in terms of efficiency, distribution of power dissipation and effects of the variation of the operating point with respect to the maximum power point, otherwise not obtainable through a separate simulation of the subsystems. In particular, this approach allows to easily estimating the optimal size of the storage element placed at the PV module output, and how its value affects the key parameters such as the system efficiency and the output waveform quality. 

Assembling most advanced and innovative technologies together

Knowledge and experience of a single truck are instantly shared to all the trucks that operate on the globe at that time.

Even for the most complex operations, such as the calibration of several sensors, automatic procedures are issued that allow carrying out one single operation in a few minutes.